Friday, October 10, 2008

God and His Love

The world is tormented by the havoc created by the Tsunami tidal waves. Homes and lives were blown away within minutes. A vacuum with uncertainty sets in our hearts as we switch on the television everyday to see new stories unfold. Hearts bleed as we watch those orphaned children and the grieving parents. Our hearts call, God where are you, where are you?

Calamities come and go. Disasters come and go. He comforts the tormented souls. He consoles the souls that have seen the sorrow, with his love. His love is never ending.

Whenever I feel empty, I sit and contemplate “Swami, are you still within me, please answer me, where are you?” Within the next few minutes Swami answers with His heavenly love deep within me. If at all I had to express my feeling, I have to get up and dance in joy. How do you write about it? How do you relate this to another person? Tears of joy and bliss roll down and all I can do is to hold Swami’s legs tight in my heart and don’t let Him go. He is my father, mother, teacher, friend and everything else in this world.

Whenever i go to Puttaparthi to have darshan of my beloved lord Sai ,My heart jumps to question mode. "Why, my Lord? What have I done, why do you ignore me? ..."Soon after Darshans He comes out in His car smiling away and waving in my direction saying “Why despair my baby, I am right here?” He appears again and again to my heart’s content. His love is never ending!!


mahesh said...

Nice article. Very very inspired piece of experience and vision of life from real close quarters.

Summarizes the saying "Tomorrow do thy worst for I have lived today"

Very inspiring and refreshing.

akanksha said...

i dont know how to express my innerself to the painful and deep emotioned words....there is a feeling in each and every word of yours i broke myself in tears on reaching the end of the awesome panorama of feelings depicted by u.......i am wanting to read again and again the article that is so inspiring and touching......geetha u are a great writer i salute u .....may god bless you

Geethashri Ashwathaiah said...


I strongly feel that nature is a great teacher and we have to enjoy by exploring the same in the light of learning,living and loving...

Thanks for such a support for my writings.


karthikeyan said...

this explains me how nice geetha is .. ur devotional, sentimental,sensational, and faithfull to every one. but generosity in u is very high so facing tough time in any bad circumstances rite. think i am rite.